Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Love Hate Relationship wih Caller ID

A quick update on our adoption over the past 10 months since my last post- a whole lot of nothing.  That about sums it up.  I guess I shouldn't say that- we've had days where we were told "any day now," but that was 5 months ago.  We've had some great pictures and videos of our girls from families visiting their kids at our orphanage.  I mean, y'all, these are some cute girls!!! I wish I could share these pictures, but that has to wait until they are officially Driggers.  But, yesterday, we got one step closer- we finally got the "official referral."  After months of trying to not sound disappointed when I answer the phone because caller ID has told me it was NOT our adoption agency, I actually saw their name as the caller! Which means we get to go to Haiti to meet these precious babies!!! This is called the bonding, or socialization, visit.  We are required to be in country 2 weeks and will spend all that time with our girls.  Our orphanage is about 3 hours outside of the capital city of Port-au-Prince so they provide a guest room right on the campus of the orphanage.  We stay right there with our girls for two weeks.  Yes, we have to leave them at the end of those two weeks, but let's not talk about that right now, I'm in emotional overload as it is!  Back to the positives- they want us there on November 9th!!!! 12 days from now!!!So, please pray for us as we prepare, both physically and spiritually.  And, most of all, pray for ALL our kids.  Ruby and Lincoln cannot go with us.  Pray that they have so much fun with grandparents that they won't even notice how long we are gone! Pray for our girls in Haiti- they are 1 and 3 so I'm not sure how much they really "get."  But I know they have been through enough already and I can't bear trying to communicate my love for them while saying good-bye, but "I WILL be back!"  To this I cling, my God knows them by name. He placed them in our family. He is better at caring for them, comforting them, and planning for their homecoming then I could ever try to be.

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