Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Represent---- the t-shirts are here!

***Go to the end to see the winner as of July 4, 2010***
I have a box of these in my van (seemed like a safer place than on the floor somewhere in my house with two small kids!)

As you can see it, has a logo on the front left pocket side and the full one on the back. The graphic behind the logo in the back is the word "one" in many different languages. Though we are led to adopt from Ethiopia, there are orphans all around the world. Maybe someday we will be led or one of you may be led to bring them home. We wanted to "represent" them all!

There is a paypal button to the right, just click on your size and I will mail it to you, no shipping! Wear it and spread the word- I'd love to be able to mail them to strangers, that would be such an encouragement! And to that end, I've got a give away!!! I feel like such a blogging pro today with the paypal, the giveaway, WOW! Copy the link to this post on your blog, Facebook status, Twitter, etc. and for each place you "represent" I will enter your name in a drawing for a free t-shirt! The drawing will be held Friday, June 25, 2010. Let's get the word out and see if I can unload this box and put an order in for another one!

***Congrats to Mandy Balevic- your facebook status link to the t-shirts is appreciated! Hope you love your shirt***


  1. are the shirts pretty true to size? just want to make sure they don't run small! :)

  2. Hannah - I ordered a bag of African Skies coffee and got it yesterday - yum!! : ) So excited for you guys!